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Milk & Honey Silo:

The combined brainchild of two well-proven Music houses -- Milk & Honey + Silo Music -- our focus lies in super-serving our clients' campaigns with original songs, pre-existing tracks for licensing, as well as custom cues. Our songwriters, producers and composers are world-recognized + successful and focused on true artistry.

We believe in the value of music as a key component in communicating the stories our clients have carefully crafted; to inspire, evoke emotion, and cause action. We aim for nothing short of that.




Want a #1 hit written specifically for your campaign? Our award-winning songwriters & producers have sold over 400 million records and can create a next level original piece to top that Imagine Dragons track your client won't stop bringing up.



On the hunt for a cool tune to tie to your next spot? We represent real artists -- from all corners of the world -- with quality creative and headache free licensing. 


Looking for a custom piece to score your storyline? Our diverse set of composers & sound designers are seasoned at crafting the highest level of work, ranging from bombastic HBO promos to classically-driven Chanel Ads.




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Songwriters + producers