KR3TURE & The Human Experience - A Little Deeper (ft. Kelly Koval).jpg

A Little Deeper (ft. Kelly Koval)

by KR3TURE & The Human Experience

"Similar to Amelia from Sylvan Esso, you can't help but fall in love with Kelly Koval's vocals. Forget the words, she could mumble and it would still be magical, sensual and captivating. Then put it on top of this minimal, bouncy, instrumental and you have your new favorite summertime anthem" - Sound & Silence

The lush sounds and excellent texture of this song lured us in. Kelly Koval's vocals sealed the deal... David Block , AKA The Human Experience has collaborated with multi-instrumentalist KR3TURE to pioneer the progressive track, “A little Deeper,”. In his ongoing practice of crossing cultural barriers through music, The Human Experience collaborated with folk singer Kelly Koval to create a fresh and timeless sound. There must be something in the desert air at Coachella that got David’s creative juices flowing and gave “A Little Deeper” its playful Californian feel.