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SiDizen King

by SiDizen King

Only a year removed from uploading his first track, SiDizen King has already garnered over 400,000 plays (200,000 coming in the last 3 months) and generated a buzz in the music blogosphere, landing the Top 10 of Hype Machine's "Most Popular On Twitter" list twice.

His brand of hip hop has also earned him collaborations with taste-making producers Ryan Spraker (Pell, Daye Jack), Matthew Engst (Daye Jack), and Nate Pyfer (Kaskade, Neon Trees) on his upcoming debut project: a conceptual piece chronicling the birth and death of a relationship, SiDizen King is primed to cement his status as a breakthrough artist with this release.

In short: this is real, honest, relatable, hip hop… that tells a story worth listening to. And there will be more to come, soon.