by Digalaux

Let’s put it like this; Had Justice, Pink Floyd and Chic ever decided to adopt a kid, Digalaux would be it.

As their name indicates, Digalaux follow one rule, and one rule only: Digital and Analog with a French twist. The strong French influences like rough production and dark harmonics turned out to be an interesting thing to mash up with the melancholic and (to be honest) slightly naïve Swenglish melodies.

Their creative process is fueled by countless social and musical experiments taking place in their studio Mothership. The jam sessions, open house parties, philosophical discussions and the fighting and loving always end up finding its way into their music and lyrics.  

Everything from the first demo to the final mix-down is made in-house and for the mastering they collaborated with no one less than the Grammy award winning Antoine “Chab” Chabert (Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Breakbot etc.).