John Graham - Cold Sun.jpg

Cold Sun

by John Graham


UK born but now US based, John Graham's new album is set to reach these shores showcasing slick, contemporary indie-rock with electronic touches, influenced by The Stone Roses, Kasabian, The Cure, and Depeche Mode. The album is something of a departure for Graham, whose previous work under the name Quivver has seen him gaining countless plaudits producing house and techno music.

The ‘Cold Sun’ album has been in the making for many years, being written in snatched time between full time work as a house and techno DJ and producer. It’s release is the culmination of an ambition John Graham has had for many years – to create a collection of songs that don’t fit neatly into a specific genre, and demonstrate just how versatile his writing can be. His new music does a fantastic job of proving just that, thanks to a brazen and assured indie rock approach that drips with attitude.