1. a dropbox or a hard drive used to store dope tunes

  2. an underground chamber in which a music missile is kept for firing

Jack + Neil

There were once two brothers from England, who decided to move to LA and build a sync incubator business from the ground up, off the back of their love and talent for music.

Neil (right), a prolific and talented singer-songwriter with his latest single for James Arthur, "Say You Won't Let Go", landing #1 in 9 countries, and Jack (left), a lover of music with a passion and flair for business, packed their bags and, in "Dick Whittington” style, moved from their homeland to find their fortune.

They now spend their days creating and curating tastemaker music, for their arsenal, to send to other music lovers... and their mum.




From age 12, when she first googled "what is a music supervisor", and realized "that should be [her] job", she knew that the sync world was where she belonged.

After working for two major record labels and helping to establish a music blog, Nellie found her way to SILO, and quickly found her footing as a integral part of the company's Creative / Licensing arm.

She continues to balance her love for both sides of the pitching process by working on supervision projects as well -- "Silicon Valley", "Gotham", "Underground" and "Luckboxes" -- giving her better insight into the (sometimes unspoken) do's and don't of providing music to supervisors. 




Growing up in Gothenburg (Sweden), a city that doesn’t see much sun and is greeted with about 200 rainy days a year, it was easy to nurture an interest for music and film. 

With a love for music, traveling and new experiences she managed to get herself an internship at a well known music supervision company in Los Angeles, and it's on that road she crossed paths with SILO. 

Terese is SILOs European representation and A&R lead, making sure SILO is keeping up with new music and news from European soil.




Our in-house East Coaster - first a Miamian to, now, a proper Angeleno - dipping her feet into the music world.

Her passion and curiosity for supervision began with curating mood mixtapes, as a youngster, and landed her an internship / assistant gig with the SILO team, while juggling her Music Business studies at USC.